Copper Anodes and Copper Based Raw Materials

Our anode nuggets are chopped to our customer's length specification. The nuggets are then tumbled with a tumbling agent to remove oxide, burrs and fines created in the chopping process. Tumbled anodes are then washed to guarantee removal of fines. Dry, cool nuggets are then packaged in either 200 pound reusable plastic pails or 500 pound fiber drums, and palletized for shipment.

Our bar anodes are drilled and tapped to our customer's specification. The size of the hole is checked, cleaned and then plugged. The outer skin is removed by blasting the anodes with glass beads. Bar anodes are then plastic shrink wrapped and palletized to insure the anodes are received in a condition acceptable for direct use without further cleaning.

Copper Based Raw Materials:

DEECO has provided a steady market for copper scrap consisting of burnt wire, choppings, tubing and brass and bronze scrap. In addition, products of melting opera-
tions, including skimmings, slags, and other residues, miscellaneous irony brass breakage, and electronic scrap are processed through our smelter and refinery.

Smelter products are then used at our plants or sold on the open market.

Our integrated plant facilities insure rapid processing, accurate sampling, and precise assaying.

Copper Anodes for Electroplating

· Copper anodes for printed circuits are different from regular copper anodes used for other items. Our anodes are under rigid, traceable, quality control checks because we are aware of the difference. With DEECO you don’t have to worry about surface contaminants — oil, chlorides, dirt, etc. We ship clean copper — mechanically descaled and washed.

· DEECO anodes are produced by a continuous casting method. As shown in the flow chart, the anode is produced under the surface of the bath. This ensures all slag and impurities have floated to the top of the bath and cannot enter the freezing zone. Before each addition of metal from the melting furnace to the casting furnace, the molten metal is analyzed completely. As a second guarantee of quality, periodic analyses of the solid product are performed and recorded.

· After all the careful chemical control and high-technology casting methods, we realize that this material must arrive at your plant ready to use. We mechanically remove the surface of each anode leaving a bright, smooth metal surface ready for the plating tank.

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