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Brass & Bronze Extrusions - A Vision of Unlimited Potential

Since the dawn of civilization the metal copper and its alloys, brass and bronze, have played a vital role in the development of cultures throughout the world. For over 6,000 years workers in metal craft have appreciated the enduring beauty and quality of brass and bronze, molding them to create powerful symbols of purity and eternity.

Although modern Architectural Brass and Bronze retain the inherent corrosion resistance of copper, these alloys may bear only a small resemblance to the compositions used in early civilizations. For example the term "Architectural Bronze" often refers to brass, which contains copper and zinc rather than the traditional copper and tin of the Bronze Age.

Today, copper alloys are available in a range of warm colors which are the result of subtle changes in the constituent elements of each alloy. Architectural Brass, Bronze and Nickel Silver are therefore ideal for building applications, imparting a sense of permanence and timeless beauty to any project.

Starting with an Architect’s or Designer’s concept, we provide skilled specialist advice and a range of alloys to satisfy the most demanding challenge. In order that the shape and color desired for any application be realized, we offer Architectural shapes in various alloys.


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